Kevin & Susan (Kraner) Alexander, ’93

“Some of life’s most wonderful gifts aren’t planned.”

Those were the words of Susan (Kraner) Alexander, ’93, in a 2009 issue of The Heidelberg Bulletin that featured alumni couples who met and fell in love at Heidelberg. Susan met husband Kevin, ’93, the first day their freshman year in 1989. Thanks to classmate Anne (Hosbach) Dougherty, they became fast friends, dated through college and married in 1995. Today, the couple is going as strong as their Heidelberg legacy. Oldest son Kyle is a first-year student at the ‘Berg.

Reminiscing about their ‘Berg days, Kevin and Susan agree that so many of their favorite memories are centered around activities they did together – hosting a radio show, serving on Campus Center Program Board, as RAs in Brown and France and as members of the newly formed Alpha Phi Omega.

“As a parent, it is comforting to know that the friendly and helpful community atmosphere of Heidelberg is still going strong and continues to draw prospective students as it did when we were here,” Susan says.

Also comforting are the special memories that bind Kevin, Susan and their ’93 classmates, who will celebrate their 25th reunion during Alumni Weekend June 22-24, 2018.

The Alexanders were among the first of a group 10-plus classmates who stepped up to take a leadership role in planning their reunion.

“With our son now a freshman, this was a great way to give back to the school that has given us so much,” Susan says. “We were happy to help. It’s been fun to reconnect with some of the people from our class and make decisions about the weekend,” Kevin adds.

One highlight of the weekend has the group particularly excited. They have booked the band Rusty Vinyl for their entertainment at their reunion dinner. Rusty Vinyl features one of their professors, Dr. Gary Dickerson, retired professor of communication, on vocals.

“He was a favorite of a lot of alumni,” Kevin recalls. “It’s great that he was willing and able to come back for our reunion.”

Now with the reunion less than 100 days away, they’re looking forward to seeing people they haven’t seen in many years and sharing stories, life accomplishments and memories.

“Our four years at Heidelberg were so special to us,” Susan says. “It’ll be a great way to reconnect and get caught up with old friends.”

Reunion weekend will be a gift to behold.

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