Academic Comprehensive Campaign for Excellence

Our focus on the Academic Comprehensive Campaign for Excellence will strengthen the support of our faculty and advance the success of our students to elevate Heidelberg among its peers. The whole platform will enhance our core Liberal Arts offering and professional programs. The successful completion of this campaign will secure Heidelberg’s place as a destination point for student engagement and academic excellence.

The ACCE Campaign was launched publically at Alumni Weekend in June of 2012. Since its launch, we have had many generous donors contribute to our goal of $75 million. But supporting our academic core isn't a campaign, it is a way of life. As we fulfill the need in areas, we continue to add new opportunities for donors to invest in Heidelberg. Fundraising for our academic mission is on-going.

Areas of Need

People ($6,500,000)

Faculty Support & New Faculty

This would provide funding for new faculty lines and assistance with recruiting and retention of our very best faculty. New faculty lines will be determined through the new Academic Affairs Strategic Plan. Strong programs will become stronger and new programs that respond to societal needs and student demand will be developed, increasing Heidelberg’s academic reputation and improving students’ academic experience. This funding would enable us to increase faculty compensation to a more competitive position over time.

Endowed Faculty Chairs (Goal fulfilled)

We hope to create Heidelberg’s first-ever Endowed Faculty Chairs, in any department. Endowed chairs are important markers of academic excellence and assist in the recruitment and retention of top scholars. This opportunity would also provide leverage in support of top-priority academic areas. 

Faculty/Staff Development (Goal fulfilled)

This endowment will help support Heidelberg faculty and staff participation in professional development opportunities in their respective areas, and allow for networking with colleagues – an invaluable tool as we focus on best practices across the board. Funding for these activities has been reduced significantly in recent years. This need is a key area of focus in the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Faculty and Student Research

One of the truly excellent experiences our students take with them to graduate school or into their career fields is the experiential learning provided by faculty who model technique, methods and content. This endowment will directly support Heidelberg faculty as they pursue research opportunities with students.

Academic Program Directors 

These funds will assist in budgetary support of personnel delivering key academic programs, such as the Honors Program, Faculty AIM Hei Student Mentoring Program, the Berg Enterprise Institute and the Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Academic and Career Support Center.

Infrastructure ($3,000,000)

Academic Career Support Center

We need to strengthen our support for students to succeed in their academic and professional careers. This center integrates our focused support. Funding is needed for new technology, academic skills building and career planning services that include private tutoring, study groups, writing assistance, life skill development, career and major exploration, personal assessment, internship development, and targeted job search coaching services to support students in academic, personal, and professional achievement.

Student Counseling Center (Goal fulfilled)

Student demand for counseling services is increasing every year. This funding will help provide important resources to assist the staff in delivery of necessary mental health services offered by licensed professionals at Stoner Health Center. This opportunity supports Heidelberg’s overall health and Wellness Plan for students.

Student Community Service (Goal fulfilled)

Community service activity, organized through a variety of outlets on campus such as Greek organizations, Campus Ministry and others, is an important facet of the Heidelberg experience. Today’s generation of students have grown up in a service environment and expect to continue their service engagement at Heidelberg. This endowment will support their efforts.

Campus Technology 

Today’s tech-savvy students demand and expect more and better technology – in the classroom and outside of it. This endowment will offer annual budgetary support toward this demand, and allow Heidelberg to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and thereby further improve our Academic Excellence and Student Experience.

Science Equipment

Our science faculty is operating at a disadvantage. Antiquated equipment across the board has reached the point where repair is more costly than replacement. Yet, budget restrictions preclude major purchases. Our students need and deserve to be prepared in techniques and with equipment they will find in the workforce. This funding would increase our equipment spending by five times annually.

Programs ($7,750,000)

AIM Hei Faculty Mentoring Program (Goal fulfilled)

In the fall of 2011, Heidelberg launched an important initiative in the Faculty AIM Hei Student Mentoring Program, designed to advise, inspire and mentor new students toward academic and career success. The program connects incoming freshmen and first-semester sophomores with a faculty mentor who will work together to navigate their academic coursework and college experience. These are relationships that often last a lifetime. Funding will support the AIM Hei program as we continue on our path to help students find their lives of purpose with distinction. This program is critical to our overall retention for success efforts.

Student Scholarships (Goal fulfilled)

Heidelberg spends nearly $12 million of its operating budget on scholarship assistance. There likely hasn’t been a time when need for financial aid and scholarships was as great as it is today. We hope to enhance our current pool of named scholarships and create new ones, thus alleviating the annual strain on the operating budget. The cost of a named scholarship is $25,000, and can be funded in honor or memory of a loved one, a beloved professor or a favorite program.

International Study (Goal fulfilled)

Heidelberg encourages all students to enrich their education with study abroad. More and more of our students desire an international learning experience, but many find that it is unaffordable. Today, the demand for a global experience is more important than ever. Whether study is in Germany, Seville or another destination, additional funding will directly support the students most in need of financial assistance as they explore the world around them. This need is a key area of focus in the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Student Internships (Goal fulfilled)

Indicators in the job market, especially for young graduates hoping to get their “foot in the door,” don’t appear to be on their way to rapid improvement any time soon. An internship experience may be just the edge a Heidelberg student needs to land that first job. Funding will help match students with much-needed experiences and training that will prepare them for success in their careers. This opportunity is integrated with our stronger Academic and Career Success Center.

Ohl Endowment 

No two people embody Heidelberg’s tradition of music more than Dr. Ferris and Dorothy Ohl, ’36 and ’44, respectively. For well over half a century, they have touched the lives of thousands of Heidelberg students as teachers and Concert Choir director and accompanist. As a fitting tribute to their devotion to Heidelberg, the university has created the Ferris and Dorothy Ohl Endowment in Music. Our commitment to complete fund-raising for this $1.5 million endowment in support of Heidelberg music is unwavering.

Facilities ($2,750,000)

Octagon House

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Good, one of Heidelberg’s founding fathers, would be pleased to know that his house has come home. Thanks to a generous donation from businessman and preservationist James F. Dicke II, the university purchased the unique Octagon House on West Perry Street in 2007. Through the years, it has been used as a residence for faculty, a women’s dormitory and student and guest housing. The structure is in need of a complete interior and exterior renovation to return it to a functioning state for the university. Our vision would be to restore this gem and create an art gallery, teaching space, guest-in-residence apartment and special events room.

Beeghly Library (Goal fulfilled)

At one time, in the late 1960s, Beeghly Library held the distinction of being one of the most architecturally contemporary buildings in the region. However, time has tested the physical structure. Help bring Beeghly Library into the 21st Century with your gift to address several physical needs of the structure, such as new carpeting and repairs to the dome. Gifts also can be directed toward the library’s resources budget, which would support the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Town/Gown Bookstore

This academic facility would create a legitimate and modern Heidelberg bookstore while also strengthening community relationships with the city of Tiffin. We envision a multi-phase, high-technology facility that would be accessible to our campus community as well as our community patrons. It would drive economic commerce for all parties.

Performance Center Upgrades 

In support of the stronger leadership and plan for the School of Music, as well as in support of our thriving theatre program, we need to upgrade current facilities in Brenneman Music Hall and Gundlach Theatre. While our longer-term vision is to build a completely new Performing Arts Center (a very costly undertaking), these immediate improvements are necessary now. In addition to Brenneman and Gundlach, upgrades to seating and staging in Rickly Chapel would improve the facility where many alumni memories are born. An elevator in University Hall also would improve use and access to University Hall.

Multicultural Center (Goal fulfilled)

As our Academic Affairs Strategic Plan maps out new programs for international study, and as our Enrollment Management Plan targets stronger recruiting, inside Ohio and beyond to attract a more qualified and diverse student body, we need to support their efforts strategically. A new center of study and programming would be our objective with this funding.

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