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More than a Meal
Alumni Issue: 
Fall 17

On the shores of Lake Erie, the town of Port Clinton, Ohio, is idyllic in many ways – a tourist destination with lovely lakefront homes and upscale condos, big boats and lots of fun attractions. But the homes and condos belie the reality that many of the community’s less fortunate face every day.

The Beauty of Teaching
Alumni Issue: 
Fall 17

It’s a career that is satisfying yet stressful, admirable yet complicated and both intellectually and emotionally demanding. It has highs and lows and successes and breakthroughs.

That career is teaching.

“Teaching is a very rewarding experience,” said Mike Roberts. “I really enjoyed being a role model.”

Mike and Barbara (Sprague) Roberts, ’80, both spent careers supporting and guiding hundreds of students. Yet while they stood alone in front of the classroom, they could count on support from each other at home.

Golden Treasure
Alumni Issue: 
Fall 17

When Suzanne Reinhart’s first school therapy dog, Magic, died unexpectedly in June 2012, she thought she would never want another one. That lasted about six hours. Seven months later, Reinhart was paired with Kennedy. Together they are an inseparable team, providing comfort and companionship to elementary schoolchildren in Tiffin.

A Chance Encounter
Alumni Issue: 
Fall 17

Jack Bertolino, ’51, ended up at Heidelberg because of a craving for blueberry pie a la mode. He had stopped at a diner in his hometown of Fair Lawn, N.J., for his favorite dessert when he was approached by two Heidelberg alums.

“They knew me from playing local high school football,” Jack said. “They said I should go to Heidelberg because it was a good school and I could play football. They’re the ones who talked me into coming.”

Serving Up Coffee and Compassion
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 17

Bobbi Custer, ’14, changed her major three times in college. She was searching. For what, she didn’t know yet. 

She had arrived at Heidelberg with a passion for the field of developmental disabilities and her mind set on being a teacher. But a classroom experience her freshman year changed that. 

“I was in a classroom with 6-year-olds playing drums. I realized I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t be a teacher,” Custer said. 

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