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Immersion through soccer
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 18

A family moves from Tanzania to New York City in search of a better opportunity. They settle in New York City and then Boston where they could be closer to their extended family. It may sound like the cliché American dream, but it’s the early life of Hamid Shariff, ’15.

Shariff was born in Saudi Arabia before moving to Tanzania, the birth country of both of his parents, at just 1 year old. The next two destinations would be across the pond on the other side of the world in the United States. Through all of the family’s travels, one thing always remained: soccer.

Grants elevate graduate counseling
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 18

Over the past two years, the Master of Arts in Counseling Program (MAC) has received grants of more than $1.8 million to address some of society’s most urgent issues. Counselors-in-training are learning to serve at-risk children, help prevent violence against women and fill gaps in health professional shortage areas.

The grant funding opens doors for students to tackle emerging issues such as the deficit in mental health providers and services in the area.

Interconnected: The benefits of bilingualism
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 18

In 2016, Emily Nolting headed to the Summer Program in German & European Studies in Heidelberg, Germany, having taken minimal German language classes. She couldn’t pass up the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture of one of Europe’s most charming cities while earning nine credit hours for the experience.

A passion for travel
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 18

“I always wanted to see the world.”

Dennis Miller, ’72, had a lot of interests while in college, but didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do except travel. Heidelberg helped him realized his goal and find a career about which he was passionate.

“They were formative years for me,” he said. “It was such a personal campus.”

His time at Heidelberg was impacted by the environmental movement that started in the ’60s. Miller called it his early activism stage.

Diving into a new culture
Alumni Issue: 
Spring 18

When Emily Stammitti-Campbell, ’03, took a scuba diving class as a physical education elective at Heidelberg, she had no idea where it would lead.

“I was amazed at the number of things underwater and wished there was a place I could dive and study the history of it,” said Stammitti-Campbell.

Turns out there was much more.

“At 18, I had no clue about how things might fit into my life later, but I absolutely loved that scuba class.”

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