It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Nicholas Mancini
Graduate Assistant - Wrestling
Email Address:
Danielle Manning
Adjunct Instructor
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Nathan Manning
Research Scientist
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Will Marshall
IT Systems Administrator
Phone:  419-448-2354
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Meagan McBride
Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling
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Susan McCafferty
Adjunct Instructor of Honors Program
Phone:  419-448-2135
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Douglas McConnell
Professor of Composition and Theory
Phone:  419-448-2076
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Joan McConnell
Adjunct Instructor of Organ and Music Theory
Phone:  419-448-2277
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Lauren McGraw
Instructor of Athletic Training and Health Science
Phone:  419-448-2290
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Sarah McGuiness
Research Associate
Phone:  419-448-2420
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Sarah McGuinness
Research Associate, NCWQR
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Mark McKee
Director of Career Development and Placement
Phone:  419-448-2194
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Shauna McMillan
Adjunct Instructor of Education
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Heather McNeil-Yeckel
Adjunct Instructor - School of Music & Theatre
Phone:  419-448-2073
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Harry Melroy
Adjunct Instructor of Art
Phone:  419-448-2186
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