It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Ashley Ryan
Work Order Clerk
Phone:  419-448-2390
Email Address:
Jorge Salcedo
Graduate Assistant - Women's Soccer
Phone:  419-448-2380
Email Address:
Jose Sanchez
Admission Counselor
Phone:  419-448-2144
Email Address:
Mary Jo SanGregory
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Email Address:
Kristen Santos
Instructor of Guitar
Nathan Santos
Instructor of Guitar
Savannah Sarkine
Graduate Assistant - Softball
Email Address:
Neil Sass
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone:  419-448-2235
Email Address:
Styles Sass
Assistant Director - American Junior Year
Email Address:
George Schafer
Lori Scheele
James Scherf Jr.
Adjunct Instructor of English
Phone:  419-448-2118
Email Address:
Christina Schmidt
Catering Manager
Phone:  419-448-2285
Email Address:
Teresa Schmidt
Administrative Assistant for Residence Life and Housing
Phone:  419-448-2058
Email Address:
Bill Schmoldt
Men's Lacrosse Head Coach
Phone:  419-448-2487
Email Address:

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