It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Steven Schrag
Adjunct Professor, History and Anthropology
Email Address:
Kevin Scott
Phone:  419-448-2391
Aaron Sell
Assistant Professor, Psychology and Criminology
Phone:  419-448-2480
Email Address:
Mary Shaffer
System/Database Analyst
Phone:  419-448-2370
Email Address:
John Sharp
Associate Director of Counseling
Phone:  419-448-2898
Email Address:
Marjorie Shavers
Associate Professor of Counseling, Program Director
Phone:  419-448-2308
Email Address:
Macey Sheerer
Graduate Assistant - Women's Basketball
Phone:  419-448-2939
Email Address:
Rick Sherlock
Director of Branding & Marketing
Phone:  419-448-2171
Email Address:
Jennifer Shetterly
Instructional Resource Center Coordinator
Phone:  419-448-2136
Email Address:
Mark Shiley
Grounds / Maintenance
Phone:  419-448-2391
Email Address:
Joe Silardi
Supervisor of Student Teachers
Phone:  419-448-2125
Jacqueline Sironen
Director of Student Engagement and HYPE
Phone:  419-448-2261
Email Address:
Paul Sittason Stark
Director of Religious Life and Civic Engagement
Phone:  419-448-2066
Email Address:
Traci Sittason Stark
Professor of Psychology, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2251
Email Address:
Bryan Smith
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Phone:  419-448-2045
Email Address:

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