It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Curtis Glick
William Grasman
Christian Green
Adjunct Instructor
Jeff Greer
Grounds / Maintenance
Email Address:
Virginia Gregg
Professor of Psychology
Phone:  419-448-2219
Email Address:
Brian Grime
Director of Track & Field and Cross Country Programs
Phone:  419-448-2179
Email Address:
Donna Gross
Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Email Address:
Lori Groves
Registered Nurse
Email Address:
Shaun Gunnell
Coordinator of Multicultural Student Affairs
Phone:  419-448-2412
Email Address:
Scott Haber
Field Supervisor-Education
Craig Haines
K.I.T.E. Project Coordinator
Phone:  419-448-2413
Email Address:
Pamela Hall
Phone:  419-448-2391
Email Address:
Amy Hammitt
Administrative Assistant
Shelley Hampp
Instructor of French
Phone:  419-448-2304
Email Address:
Morgan Harrigan
Director of Academic Support
Phone:  419-448-2159
Email Address:

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