It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Lexi Fodor
Graphic Designer
Phone:  419-448-2031
Email Address:
Jesse Forestell
Graduate Assistant - Baseball
Email Address:
Robert Foster
Adjunct Instructor of Business Management
Phone:  419-448-2205
Email Address:
Rebecca Frank
Instructional Technologist
Phone:  419-448-2460
Email Address:
Ivan Franks
Graduate Assistant Hall Director
Email Address:
Irene Frisch
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  419-448-2304
Email Address:
Holly Frische
James Fruth
Adjunct Instructor
Robert Fruth
Chemical/Lab Operations & Safety Specialist
Phone:  419.448.2438
Email Address:
Cory Fry
HVAC Technician
Email Address:
Hayley Fuhrer
Serials and Acquisitions Supervisor
Phone:  419-448-2098
Email Address:
Barb Gabel
Business Officer
Phone:  419-448-2183
Email Address:
Jeff Garvin
Director of Athletic Marketing and Information
Phone:  419-448-2140
Email Address:
Andrew Gase
Athletic Team Physician
Lynne Geary
Admission Office Assistant
Phone:  419-448-2584
Email Address:

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