Ellen Ewing

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Laboratory Manager

National Center for Water Quality Research


BS, Heidelberg College



1976-Present – Research Assistant, National Center for Water Quality Research, Heidelberg University, Tiffin, OH

Ellen’s responsibilities at the NCWQR include the analysis of samples for conductivity, pesticides (using immunoassay and solid phase extraction methods), as well as total phosphorus and total Kjeldahl nitrogen, including data management of these analytes. In addition, she is responsible for field collection of samples and all chain of custody procedures related to sampling and sample processing.

Professional Training

1995 Rapid Assay Immunoassay (in house), Ohmicron Corporation
1981 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pesticide Residue Analysis in Water, National Training and Operational Technology Center, Cincinnati, OH
1980 TRAACS Training Course, Braun+Luebbe Corporation, Tarrytown, NY
1978 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy/Flameless Atomic Absorption Analysis Instrumentation Laboratory Inc., Chicago, IL


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Richards, R. Peter, David B. Baker, Jack W. Kramer, and D. Ellen Ewing. 1996 Annual loads of herbicides in Lake Erie tributaries in Ohio and Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research 22:414-428. (Available electronically at http://iaglr.org/journal/)

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Richards, R. Peter, D. B. Baker, Nancy L. Miller, Jack W. Kramer, D. Ellen Ewing, and Barbara J. Merryfield. 2001. Water quality in wells in the Midwestern United States. Pages 19-31 in Proceedings, Food Safety 2000. Porto, Portugal.

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