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Adjunct Instructor of Honors Program

Pre-Law Advisor


Dr. Susan McCafferty graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Middlebury College in Vermont. After spending one year in Europe on a Thomas Watson Fellowship, she attended Harvard Law School. She clerked for a federal judge in the United States District Court in Vermont and then had a one year appointment as an Associate at the Harvard Negotiation Project. She practiced law for a number of years. Her specialties included litigation, directors and officers' liability, professional malpractice, and toxic torts. Throughout that time she enjoyed the negotiation experiences that the profession of law offered. To gain a deeper understanding of the human dimensions of negotiation and to have the opportunity to work with individual clients, she pursued a doctorate in clinical psychology and obtained her license in that field. During her training she worked at Harvard Medical School teaching at hospitals and a college counseling center. As a psychologist she worked in a hospital, in private practice, and in a family clinic. Currently, she enjoys teaching Negotiation and Conflict Management to undergraduates.


"My primary interest is in Negotiation and Conflict Management. There will always be conflict because people have differences in values, ideas, wants, and needs. I am interested in the way we handle those differences from different theoretical perspectives stemming from the work of Roger Fisher of the Harvard Negotiation Project. My course gives students a chance to improve their negotiating skills through role playing cases with their classmates. The cases come from a broad array of disciplines, such as politics, business, law, government, and entertainment.


Phi Beta Kappa, Thomas Watson Fellowship following college, Williston Contracts Competition Co-Winner (Harvard Law School)


Dr. McCafferty is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Ritz Theatre in Tiffin. She also enjoys golf and knitting.

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