Humans of Heidelberg

What's the best part of Heidelberg? It's the faculty who mentor you, the staff who support you, and the friends who complete you. There's no better place to prepare for the rest of your life than in a supportive and inspiring community that is passionate about helping every student find their success. The "Humans of Heidelberg" series profiles members of the community, because we think we have some pretty great humans here.

Victor Choo

Nov 1, 2017

My favorite part of the community here is that everyone knows each other and it’s very inclusive. I remember when President (Rob) Huntington greeted me by my name I was shooketh because that is something I would never experience back in Malaysia.

Allison Krebs

Oct 24, 2017

My dad joined the Marine Corps before I was born so the military lifestyle is all I’ve ever known, but I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up any other way.

Jeff Garvin

Oct 16, 2017

The end of the spring season in 2015 was the most memorable time so far. Hosting the OAC softball tournament, the OAC baseball tournament and the NCAA Softball Super-Regional in consecutive weekends was a whirlwind.

Alli Burd

Oct 10, 2017

Speaking at events like Opening Convocation and HYPE has allowed me to achieve a level of confidence that I had never dreamed possible.

Kendall Newell

Oct 3, 2017

I went to Tianjin, China, for the whole month of June 2017. Working with students whose primary language is not English definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. Because of that, I feel like I have grown professionally as a future teacher.

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