Humans of Heidelberg

What's the best part of Heidelberg? It's the faculty who mentor you, the staff who support you, and the friends who complete you. There's no better place to prepare for the rest of your life than in a supportive and inspiring community that is passionate about helping every student find their success. The "Humans of Heidelberg" series profiles members of the community, because we think we have some pretty great humans here.

Megan Gwirtz

Sep 26, 2017

Knowing that I am a part of such a ground-breaking and spirited group on campus brings joy to my heart and I know that the music traditions I am forming will stay for decades to come.

Michele Castleman

Sep 19, 2017

During my first day at Heidelberg, I believe I taught my "Teaching of Writing" course. I'd taught it before at another university but had always had more than 20 students in the course. At Heidelberg, there were seven students. I enjoyed being able to check in with each individual in the room and get to know them and check that they understood the expectations for the following meeting.

Porus Shroff

Sep 12, 2017

I have made some of my best friends here and have been lucky to come across faculty members who truly care about me.

Bob Youngblood

Sep 5, 2017

Being able to work with our alumni truly is fun. Seeing them come back to campus at any time or at an event around the state and country is wonderful. We are family no matter when we graduated, whether last year or 1935.

Sydney Calabro

Aug 29, 2017

I chose Heidelberg because this was the only school that would allow me to do everything I wanted to do. I could play my sport, study what I wanted, have a social life, and be involved on campus all at the same time without having to sacrifice anything.

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