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Homecoming’s special moments

Oct 3, 2016

an engagement!

Deidre McVay, ’14, thought the she and boyfriend Taylor Schulmeister, ’13, were coming back to campus to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Alpha Phi Tau during Homecoming last weekend. The couple, along with alum Dennis LoConti, had taken the lead in organizing the event. Turns out Taylor was keeping a little secret.

Tiffin’s growth = great opportunities for students

Oct 3, 2016

Tiffin is home away from home for ‘Berg students for a short four years. More and more, the city is growing and improving with great new offerings and opportunities for college students and residents, such as Chipotle and Tim Horton’s!

School of Education nationally recognized!

Sep 26, 2016

Here’s why.

What makes the Heidelberg School of Education awesome? Future teachers Sara (Wott) Heindel and Ayako Hampton have some pretty strong opinions about that.

Sarah and Ayako, both seniors, say it’s all about the faculty and how they push students to be their best possible selves in their coursework and their field observation and student teaching.

“Our professors are so accessible. They’re really helpful and they care about us a lot,” says Sarah, who’s studying to be a language arts teacher in the Adolescent/Young Adult track.

Wish come true for scholarship donors

Sep 21, 2016

When alumni Jim and Shay (Harter) Reese created a major scholarship, their greatest hope was to stay connected with students. On Saturday, they got their wish when they were introduced to ‘Berg senior Hannah Bilinski.

Hannah is the recipient of the Jim and Shay Harter Reese Scholarship in Memory of Rachael A. Reese. The pairing met at the first-ever Celebrating Donors & Their Scholars reception as part of Families and Fellows weekend.

First HYPE Day out of this world!

Sep 19, 2016

Judging by the tweets and retweets, Thursday’s first official HYPE Day was a huge hit!

We loved the lead on Advertiser-Tribune reporter and ‘Berg alum Jimmy Flint’s front page story today: “Houston, Heidelberg University students have inspiration.”

The “Houston” reference came from NASA legend Capt. James Lovell, who was on campus to give the opening HYPE keynote address. He spoke that famous phrase on the Apollo 13 mission to the moon as the spaceship he was commanding experienced a near-catastrophic oxygen tank explosion two days after launch.

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