Computer Science and Technology Club

Interested in a career involving computer science, any form of technology, or just find it overall interesting? The CAT Club is the place for you. Here we are focused on bringing Heidelberg students a more in-depth look into the world of computing. 

Our main focus is connecting the tech industry, such as programming, hardware and engineering, and everything in between more accessible to students. We encourage everyone, whether you know nothing or everything about computers, to join because it is a skill that can be used to market yourself to future employers down the road and it is a love of ours to help people learn more about how they can make computers and technology work for their benefit! 

Heidelberg is also one of five schools teamed up with Google! Through this students are offered exciting new courses that are changing the way computer science is taught. The focus of these courses is to teach hands-on skills and collaborative projects meant to solve real-life problems similar to those solved at Google. 

Join us to increase your knowledge and computer skills. This world is an ever changing one and technology is changing along with it, you won’t want to miss out on these opportunities! 

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