Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Heidelberg University Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HUCTM) is a student affiliate of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. HUCTM grants Heidelberg students with top-notch experiences in the classroom, at professional conferences, and taking on leadership roles. 

Our vision is to be a distinguished team of inspiring Heidelberg University mentors who lead empowering, engaging, and memorable mathematical learning experiences for communities seeking to create high-energy, positive learning environments. We strive to achieve our vision primarily through hosting Math Camps at local schools in the community. Math Camp is a student-led mathematical journey that is working to break the negative stigma surrounding mathematics and promotes engaging, empowering, and inspiration through mathematics. 

Most recently, HUCTM was ranked 5th in the nation with their “The Math Git Up” entry to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) song contest. Heidelberg students gain confidence, knowledge, and new ideas that can be applied to better their teaching practices. Join HUCTM as they continually work to improve students' educational experiences.

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