Health Science Organization

The Health Science Organization group focuses on servicing others in the community and on campus, providing and sharing health information about prevention to community and campus, as well as on leadership in the health care professional field as we further their careers.

Provisional members must complete two semesters of undergraduate coursework toward the Health Science degree will be known as a provisional member. After a student completes the two semesters of coursework, within the Health Sciences, they can then become full associate members or honorary members upon meeting the requirements. 

Associate members that do meet the course requirements of the Health Science Organization Honorary will be referred to as associate members and will not have a voting voice. Associate members are able to participate in service activities and will have access to the information and opportunities offered through HSO. 

Honorary students are students enrolled at Heidelberg University with at least two full semesters of undergraduate coursework toward the Health Sciences degree completed. Students who meet the required GPA of 3.0 within the Health Science major (block GPA). 
Students who do not meet the criteria will be associate or provisional members of the HSO Honorary. Honorary members may hold the constitutionally HSO vote on membership.

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