HYPE Skills

By participating in HYPE Days and experiences, you will master the skills necessary to make you distinctive in life after Heidelberg. We believe all students have great potential; our mission for this program is to help you harness that potential by giving you a focus and direct applications of workplace skills. This program focuses on helping you learn to recognize and understand your individual value systems and work styles, hone your job search skills and master the important soft skills of communication, collaboration, and conflict management.


You’ll learn to recognize different value systems, and understand how your own values can impact your career and life goals.

Work Styles

You’ll discover your own working style and learn how you use that knowledge to be productive and tailor it toward your life goals.

Job Search Skills

Learn about and practice job search skills and how to use them effectively.


You’ll learn to communicate effectively in both professional and culturally diverse environments.


Learn to understand group dynamics and the ability to adjust your leadership style to accomplish teamwork.

Conflict Management

Learn to recognize divergent perspectives and to critically analyze and manage conflict.

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