b'TheHEIDELBIZNewsletterSCHOOL OF BUSINESS NEWS The addition of 7 majors to the School of Business curriculum. Starting with the Fall 2023 semesters, Welcome new Dean: Dr. Annestudents will be able to major in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Management, Anderson, Dean of the School ofMarketing, Human Resource Management, or Supply Chain Business and Adams Family Management.Endowed Chair.The Berg Business Board has been re-engaged. The members of the board are:Jerry Bupp 98Eduardo Hernando 89 Cris Gossard (Chair) 87Dan Miller 90 Lisa Hohman 91David Stover Paul Stallings 79David ZakMark Turpin 98 Sherri Johnson 92Sara Costanzo 94Patty Withrow 81The Enactus team traveled to Dallas to participate in the USA National Exposition. While there, the students had Photo: Dr. Anne Anderson the opportunity to meet with Mr. John Q. Adams. I also had the pleasure of traveling to Dallas and spent the A message from Dr. Anderson afternoon meeting with John and going to dinner with Heidelbergs School of Business welcomed a new leaderhim and the students.in January. Dr. Anne-Marie Anderson became Dean of theThe faculty and I have started work on developing a new School of Business and The John & Patricia Adams Familystrategic plan for the school. Our focus is on ensuring that Endowed Chair and Professor of Finance. we offer the education needed so that our graduates will Spring 2023 has been a very busy semester in the Schoolbe successful in their chosen careers.of Business. Since arriving on campus in January, oneLooking forward to the 2023-24 academic year, we have of my primary goals was to quickly learn as much as Isome great events planned. In the fall, we will hold our could about Heidelberg University and the students, bothLessons in Leadership annual conference. We are also undergraduate and graduate. One of the reasons I decidedplanning at least one high-profile speaker for the Spring to come to Heidelberg is that I wanted to be part of a2024 semester. The faculty will continue to look for ways thriving community and as I continued to meet and talkto improve the curriculum at both the undergraduate and with students, faculty, and staff, it was apparent that all aregraduate levels.committed to the success of Heidelberg and its students. I look forward to continuing to learn about Heidelberg and Some key highlights of the semester are: working with the faculty, the advisory board, and others to ensure our students succeed and to continuously improve so that the University continues to thrive.www.heidelberg.edu/school-of-business Spring 2023 | Page 1'