b'I was very proud of how Berg Enactus team membersAccounting Department Trip to Kentstepped into a highly competitive environment and held their own, Miller said. We were up against some very experienced teams with projects that have been running for several years. But we had done great work on our three projects over the past year, so we viewed this competition as an opportunity to highlight our progress and show that Heidelberg belongs on this stage.The current Enactus group and especially the President, Megan Vesely, has exceeded my expectations, Dr. KhetaniPhoto: Accounting Majors and Professors at Conferencesaid. By taking so much initiative, they really made our jobThree Accounting majors attended the Meonske Professional as faculty advisors easier. Development Conference held at Kent State University on April 27-28. The studentsseniors Braxton Fox, Lauren While at the exposition, the Berg students also took part inGronsky and Griffin Pendrywere joined by professors a career fair with partner recruiters, a career services sessionDouglas Woods and Scott Miller at the conference, which and academic symposium, and a special Enactus forum,featured a series of speakers, providing updates on the Optimizing the College Experience for Career Readiness. Accounting profession. The students were able to network with students from other universities in Ohio, as well as see the Kent State campus.Accounting Department NewsThe Accounting Department welcomed three company representatives from the Ohio Auditor of States Office to Heidelberg for a presentation and networking lunch on April 6. The representatives, an HR manager and two current Photo: Enactus Team with John Adams auditors, shared their experiences in the field and answered students questions. The event was a part of increased The team also had the great fortune to meet over dinnerefforts by the Accounting Department to link companies with Berg alumnus and Trustee Emeritus John Adams 58,that are hiring for internships and full-time positions with and members of his family. John spoke reverently about hisAccounting majors.Heidelberg experience and offered advice to the students that focused on relationship-building. The Berg groupThe Accounting Department also welcomed Becker on April appreciated hearing about Johns life and accomplishments18 to present on upcoming changes to the CPA Exam. As and took the opportunity to thank him for his support ofpart of Heidelbergs partnership with Becker, five Heidelberg their trip. students are awarded with Becker CPA Review scholarships each year (see student award section for names).Berg Enactus also recently held elections for the 2023-24 school year. Results were as follows: President, sophomoreThe department also acknowledges the efforts of the Lillian Robeson; VP, junior Sam Scheele; Secretary,following Accounting seniors who presented at the Student freshman Olivia Dulay; Treasurer, freshman Seth Ray;Research Conference on April 4: Braxton Fox, Lauren Recruitment, PR & Social Media, junior Clara Smith andGronsky, Ella Lane, Adam McVicker, Zane Mirgon, Griffin freshman Kaidan Mathias. Pendry, Kennedi Siders, Nakhi Taylor, Darrion Thomas, Guy Tibbels and Chayne Treharn.For more information, follow Enactus on Instagram:@hu_enactus_Spring 2023 www.heidelberg.edu/school-of-business'