It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Michael Brown
Director of Admission
Phone:  419-448-2507
Email Address:
David Bush
Director of Center for Historic & Military Archaeology
Phone:  419-448-2327
Email Address:
Susan Carty
Professor Emerita of Biology
Angela Chidester
Instructor of Biology
Phone:  734-474-0082
Email Address:
Robert Chidester
Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology
Email Address:
Daryl Close
Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy
Phone:  419-448-2281
Email Address:
Douglas Collar
Associate Professor of English & Integrated Studies
Phone:  419-448-2047
Email Address:
Allison Conner
Graduate Assistant for Athletic Training
Phone:  419-448-2158
Email Address:
Melissa Cook
Associate Director of Admissions Operations
Phone:  419-448-2095
Email Address:
Polly Cooper
Admission Counselor
Phone:  419-448-2150
Email Address:
Steven Copeland
Medical Director of Athletic Training
Nathan Cutietta
Director of the Media Communication Center
Phone:  419-448-2005
Email Address:
Courtney DeMayo
Chairperson, Department of History and Anthropology
Phone:  419-448-2510
Email Address:
Jennifer Dempsey
Writing Center Coordinator
Phone:  419-448-2484
Email Address:
Kelly Depinet
Data Entry Clerk
Phone:  419-448-2623
Email Address:

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