It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Emily Isaacson
Associate Dean of the Honors Program
Phone:  419-448-2184
Email Address:
Sean Joyce
Director of Information Technology
Email Address:
Wendy Kelbley
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  419-448-2197
Email Address:
Doug Kellar
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone:  419-448-2340
Email Address:
David Kimmel
Professor of English
Phone:  419-448-2049
Email Address:
Terry Kindig
Adjunct Professor of English
Phone:  419-448-2118
Email Address:
Kenneth Krieger
Professor of Biology
Phone:  419-448-2226
Email Address:
Bryanne Lee
Adjunct Instructor of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality
Email Address:
Cynthia Lepeley
Professor of Spanish
Phone:  419-448-2037
Email Address:
Molly Lofton
Adjunct Instructor of Human Performance and Sports Studies
Email Address:
Aly Matejka
Instructor of Athletic Training
Phone:  419-448-2514
Email Address:
Katherine McCrystal
Director of the Heidelberg Fund
Phone:  419-448-2486
Email Address:
Jerry McDonald
Assistant Professor of Human Performance and Sports Studies
Phone:  419-448-2356
Email Address:
Trisha Meier
Admission Counselor
Phone:  419-448-2341
Email Address:
Ginny Mesnard
Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Enrollment
Phone:  419-448-2340
Email Address:

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