It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Haseeb Ahmed
Dean of the School of Business
Phone:  419-448-2284
Email Address:
Mark Akers
Health Center Physician
Phone:  419-448-2041
Thomas Alexander
Associate Director of Admission
Phone:  419-448-2144
Email Address:
Julie Arnold
Director of International Affairs and Studies
Phone:  419-448-2953
Email Address:
Kenneth Baker
Professor of Biology
Phone:  419-448-2224
Email Address:
Janelle Baldosser
Director of Stoner Health and Counseling Center
Phone:  419-448-2042
Email Address:
Monica Bates
Graduate Assistant for Athletic Training
Phone:  419-448-2158
Email Address:
Trevor Bates
Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Phone:  419-448-2290
Email Address:
Joanna Beres
Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
Email Address:
Nathaniel Beres
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone:  419-448-2015
Email Address:
Amy Berger
Professor of Geology
Phone:  419-448-2292
Email Address:
Susan Berryman
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
Phone:  419-448-2386
Email Address:
Rhonda Best
Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Phone:  419-448-2366
Email Address:
Brian Bevelander
Emeritus Professor of Music
Phone:  419-448-2082
Email Address:
John Bing
Professor of Political Science
Phone:  419-448-2067
Email Address:

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