It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

William Reyer
Professor of English
Phone:  419-448-2048
Email Address:
Ronee Rice
Graduate Assistant for Health & Counseling Services
Phone:  419-448-2223
Email Address:
Aaron Roerdink
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email Address:
Sandra Rostash
Senior Coordinator of Advancement Services
Phone:  419-448-2030
Email Address:
Janet Rozick
Adjunct Instructor of History
Phone:  419-448-2173
Email Address:
Margaret Rudolph
Director of Human Resources
Phone:  419-448-2111
Email Address:
Elizabeth Schank
Adjunct Instructor of International Students ELI
Phone:  419-448-2857
Email Address:
James Scherf Jr.
Adjunct Instructor of English
Phone:  419-448-2118
Email Address:
Beth Schwartz
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Phone:  419-448-2216
Email Address:
Bryan Smith
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone:  419-448-2045
Email Address:
Kylee Spencer
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone:  419-448-2518
Email Address:
Sue Stine Rife
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Phone:  419-448-2097
Email Address:
Jena Suffel
Athletic Trainer
Phone:  419-448-2008
Email Address:
Heather Surface
Adjunct Instructor of Communication
Phone:  419-448-2071
Email Address:
Kelsey Swavel
Admission Counselor
Phone:  419-448-2498
Email Address:

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