Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Teresa Schmidt Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2058
Kevin Scott Custodian
Dr. Christopher Sears Physician (419)-448-2041
Ruth Seibert-Couch Adjunct Instructor of Management
Karen Shaffer Food Service Director (419)-448-2232
Mary Shaffer System/Database Analyst (419)-448-2370
Marjorie Shavers Assistant Professor of Counseling 419-448-2308
Jennifer Shetterly Instructional Resource Center Coordinator (419)-448-2136
Joel Shonkwiler
Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass
Director of Athletic Band
Morgan Shriver
Women's Basketball Head Coach
Senior Woman Administrator
Michael Sieberg Piano Tuner/Technician (419)-448-2073
Joe Silardi Supervisor of Student Teachers (419)-448-2125
Bryan Smith
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chair
Pre-Professional Health Advisor
Dustin Smith Associate Director of Web Services (419) 448-2260
Kim Smith Custodian (419)-448-2391
Nicholas Soldano Baseball Coach
John Spahr Program & Morning Host Director - WTTF (419)-448-2279
Barbara Specht
Associate Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone
Director of Orchestra
Nick Spell Women's Soccer Head Coach (419)-448-2381
Kylee Spencer Assistant Professor of Biology (419)-448-2518
Aaron Stalsworth Adjunct International Students ELI
Paul Sittason Stark
Director of Religious Life and Civic Engagement
Traci Sittason Stark
Associate Dean of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology
John Stewart Adjunct Lecturer, Communication (419)-448-2306
Sue Stine Rife Senior Associate Director of Admissions (419)-448-2097