Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Emily Isaacson Assistant Professor of English (419)-448-2184
Branden Jakubcin Assistant Coach (419)-448-2947
Laura Johnson Research Scientist (419) 448-2056
Jimmy Jones Chef (419)-448-2285
Karen Jones Assistant Professor of Education, Middle and Secondary School (419)-448-2130
Sean Joyce
Director of Information Technology
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Chairperson, Department of Computer Science
Beth Kagy Associate Director of Financial Aid (419)-448-2293
Lindsay Kagy Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2207
Laurie Kaltenmeier
Residence Coordinator for Brown Hall
Graduate Intern for Civic Engagement
Krista Kantner Administrative Assistant for Social Sciences and Graduate Studies in Counseling 419-448-2288
Jane Kelbley Custodial Supervisor (419)-448-2391
Wendy Kelbley Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2197
Doug Kellar Vice President for Enrollment Management (419)-448-2340
Cathy Kessler Administrative Assistant, Loan Specialist (419)-448-2293
David Kimmel Professor of English (419)-448-2049
Nancy King Administrative Assistant to the VPAA and Provost (419)-448-2216
Regina Kipps Custodian (419)-448-2391
Dean Kirian
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Adjunct Professor of Geology
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Ryan Kirst Assistant (440) 382-6916
Larry Kisabeth Adjunct Professor of Math (419)-448-2197
Mike Kleinfelter Plumber (419)-448-2391
Mary Lou Kohne Assistant Professor of Marketing (419)-448-2862
Martin Koop Adjunct Instructor of Political Science (419)-448-2288
Margo Kraft Associate Professor of Business Administration (419)-448-2269
Tarra Kraft Head Cheerleading Coach