Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Mary Lou Kohne Assistant Professor of Marketing (419)-448-2862
Martin Koop
Adjunct Instructor of Political Science
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Margo Kraft Associate Professor of Business Administration (419)-448-2269
Jack Kramer Laboratory Manager, Emeritus (419)-448-2373
Scott Kretzer Adjunct Professor of Music
Kenneth Krieger
Professor of Biology
Director – NCWQR
Steven Kruse Adjunct Instructor of Viola (419)-448-2073
Steven Kruse Instructor in Music - Violin
Jan Kucera Adjunct Professor of Counseling (419)-448-2288
Renee M Lacy Disabilities Coordinator 419-448-2898
Suzanne Lammers Adjunct Faculty (419)-448-2017
Jalisha Lancaster
Residence Coordinator, Krieg Hall
Graduate Intern for Academic Support
Deanna Laubis Administrative Assistant of the School of Business 419-448-2280
Stephanie Lehman Housing Coordinator 419-448-2214
Terry Lemley Professor of Physics (419)-448-2353
Nancy Lendrim Adjunct Instructor of Harp (419)-448-2073
Adam Lengiewicz Administrative Coordinator - AJY
Cynthia Lepeley Professor of Spanish (419)-448-2037
Jason Lewis
Football Assistant Coach, Running Game Coordinator
JV Football Head Coach
Kristen Lindsay
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Student Success
Director of the Academic & Career Support Center
Jo-Ann Lipford Sanders
Associate Dean and Director of Master of Arts in Counseling
Professor of Counseling
Jennifer Liu Visiting Chinese Professor (419)-448-2931
Molly Lofton Adjunct Instructor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Andy Lovins Graduate Assistant - Football, Defensive Line 419-448-2379
Robert Lyman Custodian (419)-448-2391