b'She even is on-hand should there be any complications that wouldOutside of research work or pharmaceutical sales, some students may require the recovery bed to become a make-shift operating tablemajor in biology to give them a leg up for admission into a nursing or involving cracking the chest back open to save a life. medical school. Howard is passionate about the fact that there are so In addition to working in the cadaver lab and as a teaching assistant atmany alternative pathways students can seek out. the Berg, Howard made sure to take quite a few religion courses. Why?In addition to the Athletic Training program at the Berg, Howard cites She wanted to expand her worldview and acquire more patience andother physician assistants, anesthesiologists and surgeons, who also understanding in order to provide her patients with the most well- happen to be Student Prince alumni she has encountered as examples. rounded care possible.By chance in conversation one day, Howard learned that one of the People without this education may not ask certain questions.orthopedic surgeons she was working with at Ohio Health also hailed They just may not be aware, Howard said. She cited as an examplefrom HU. Dr. Nathaniel Long, 94, mentioned Tiffin one day and a pre-emptive inquiries to female Muslim patients about their comfortlasting connection was solidified.level with a male doctor or if they would rather she treat themYou find these alumni in pockets of the world you never knew existed, instead. Or, discussing alternative options to blood transfusions withshe explained. She advises current and future student to utilize that Jehovah Witness patients ahead of time should the need arise duringnetwork to both get experience (such as internships or part-time jobs) their procedure. and to harness those connections when they are seeking permanent As Howard explained, if you do not ask these questions in advance,positions or graduate school entry. then you are left back-trackingwhich is never ideal in sensitiveIts all about connections. And, at a small, close-knit school like situations such as surgery. Heidelberg, there are plenty of opportunities to forge those important She also credits her liberal arts education for giving her a greaterbonds both with classmates who are destined for success and with respect for outside expertise. Howard admits she can acknowledgegraduates who are on the top of their game.what procedure or specialty may not be her forte, and she is not shy to ask for help from those better suited around her.[The Honors Program] taught me how to assert my independence and how to approach academic success. Danielle Howard, 14Summer 2019|9'