b'beginning with the intensive training that was 40 hours a week for six weeks. The hardest thing to do as a handler is to trust your dog, and I trust him with my life, Travagliante said.Transitioning to a K-9 unit hasnt always been easy, especially winning over some of the older officers. But its definitely been worthwhile. The community has responded positively, too. It certainly didnt hurt that Travagliante involved them in choosing Chases name.Its gotten to the point that everyone knows us. Kids know us. Parents know us. Even drug users know us, he said.His peers have taken note, too. For the past two years, Travagliante has been named Police Officer of the Year in his community, recognition voted upon by his fellow officers. As Chase continues his work to help sniff out illegal drugs on the streets of Clyde, hes become somewhat of a folk hero. He even has his own Facebook page. Together, Travagliante and Chase have had such The pair is together 24/7. When their shift ends and they head fora positive impact in the community that the Police Department has home. Chase is family. No joke, I see him more than I see my wife andadded a second K-9 unit to its ranks.my child. We never have a day off.The hope is that the K-9s deter drug users and dealers, and in their Thats the commitment theyve made to each other and its the reasonown way, bring the community together.their bond is so strong. Serving as a handler for a K-9 is hard work, The hardest thing to do as a handler is to trust your dog, and I trust him with my life. Tony Travagliante, 09Summer 2019|3'