b"from the president's officerob huntingtonHeidelberg has believed in the value of a liberal arts and professional education since we opened our doors in 1850. As we get ready to start our 170th year in the fall, the liberal arts have come under scrutiny by skeptics who doubt the relevance of this kind of learning in our contemporary world. They paint a picture that is often incomplete and misleading, leaving those who believe strongly in the liberal arts to defend the inherent value and appeal in preparing graduates for employment and life.At Heidelberg, our core student mission guides us to do just that. We strike the right balance by integrating our traditional liberal arts curriculum with professional preparation across all disciplines. Most of our students do not major in the liberal arts but all of our students are educated in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, integrating data, and communicating solutions through the liberal arts. In this way, we continue to prepare our students to be global citizens who think critically, communicate effectively, and serve thoughtfully.Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and visionary of Apple, understood the importance of seeing beyond facts and figures to grasp the larger context that is a precept of liberal arts-trained individuals. According to Jobs, knowledge of technology was not enough. He explained it this way: Its technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields results that make our hearts sing.I wonder how many of our alumni came to Heidelberg, thinking I want to be a doctor or I want to be a lawyer, only to discover an alternative field such as business, education, music or the ministry. Our students often start in one major and switch to other majors. They might begin in biology, education or psychology and end up in English, political science or health science. We encourage exploration. Our students often shift their focus to I want to be a writer or I want to be an entrepreneur or I want to take care of people and apply that focus to all kinds of careers. With their liberal arts foundation, our students learn that they can do anything!That kind of imagination, creative thinking, curiosity and broad vision define the very beauty of the liberal arts. The alumni featured in this issue of The Heidelberg Bulletin used their liberal arts skills and professional education to launch their careers in a direction different than anticipated, or as Steve Jobs indicated, to marry the liberal arts with professional training to find tremendous success.Yes, the liberal arts investment is worth it. Yes, the liberal arts still provide a solid foundation for employment. Yes, study in the liberal arts is exciting. Yes, liberal arts majors, just like students in other majors, find long-term professional success as well as satisfaction in life. Our alumni are living proof that Heidelberg prepares its students to pursue lives of purpose with distinction.That is our hope for all of our alumni always, and especially for our newest graduates. We cant wait for their contributions to our world to be revealed so that our hearts can continue to sing!Sincerely,Rob Huntington President"