b'The unexpected CEO: Coach, educator, optimist By: Rachel HiserJason Maus, 02, spent the majority of his time at Heidelberg doing threeHis academic success mirrored his athletic success. Throughout his thingsstudying business, running and building relationshipsand itsfour years, Maus earned academic honors in both cross country and these three things that have proved indispensable for his success.track and field seasons. He is a Clyde Lamb award winner and one of Like many students, Maus discovered Heidelberg through theHeidelbergs 20 CoSIDA Academic All-Americans. He was a member of recruitment process. He was interested in pursuing finance andthe Pre-Law Club, the "H" Association, Tau Pi Phi Business Honorary and management. He also wanted to run. Heidelberg felt like a good fit forthe Heidelberg Honor Society. both, so he became a business administration major and joined theWhen graduation arrived, he had several job offers. While he was cross country and track and field teams, which made him a three-sportdeciding, he was approached by the head track and field coach from athlete who competed year round. This created a constant demand toOhio Northern University about a graduate assistant position. balance academics and training.I thought it would be a good way to pay for my MBA and be able to Time management and organization were important, but I also reallystay with my sport a little longer, so I took the job, he said. The idea of enjoyed my classes so they didnt feel onerous, Maus said. Withbecoming a coach didnt hit me until I was already in the environment. I practices and meets, I had to get things done ahead of time, but I hadhad every intention of heading into the finance and banking world after good teammates who were just as motivated academically. my MBA, but this is a difficult sport to get out of. From that motivation and dedication came great results. Maus hasOver the next 17 years, Maus transitioned from graduate assistant to the 10th fastest cross country time in school history and competedassistant coach, to head coach, and now head coach overseeing four on Heidelbergs nationally qualifying team that earned a 17th place inassistant coaches. The transition was eye-opening as Maus continued the country. He still holds two Heidelberg records as part of the indoorto adjust to his evolving responsibilities, administrative work and 4x800 meter relay and the outdoor distance medley relay. In 2010,relationships with faculty and the administration. Maus was inducted into Heidelbergs Hall of Fame as part of both theThere are always new challenges and problems to solve. Its ever-1998 cross country team and 1999 track and field team, which were thechanging, he said. Its one thing to look at a situation and have an first teams in those sports to win OAC championships for Heidelberg.opinion and another to be sitting behind the desk and have to make the decision. 6|Heidelberg University Bulletin'