b'Glorious first paragraphs Honors students land great opportunitiesThe graduates diplomas are the prefaces to their first paragraphs, yet to be written. How will yourThe Life of the Mind Honors Program empowers students to be flexible and creative, first paragraph read when your life is complete?step outside of their comfort zone and develop and grow their abilities and interests Montgomery asked. beyond Heidelberg.Will it reflect the opportunities gained byHonors students are demonstrating their learned knowledge and skills with placement in preparedness? Will your passion seep out amongprestigious grad schools, study abroad, service and internships.the written words unable to stay flat on the page oozing with the satisfaction of a life and careerIm extremely proud of our students and extremely proud of the faculty who support well lived and loved? Having grown uniquely fromthem with these opportunities, said Dr. Emily Isaacson, English professor and director of your lifes curve balls or mistakes, will you havethe Honors Program. Its one of the things we do really well.made an impact through your humanity? Will your life have been glorious? Heres a sampling of the places Berg Honors students are headed this summer and beyond.Montgomery closed with lyrics from rapper and songwriter Macklemore: ROBERT ATHA, 19, will begin a yearlong assignment with AmeriCorps City Year in inner-I feel glorious, glorious. city Cleveland working as a tutor and mentor to at-risk students.Got a chance to start again ALLISON BLYTHE, 20, will complete an internship in the Cartographic Branch of the I was born for this, born for this. National Archives in College Park, Maryland.Its who I am, how could I forget?She ended with this advice: You have myBRIANNA CASEMENT, 20, will intern with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute permission to forget this Commencementin Gamboa, Panama, studying anole lizards and how they adapt to anthropogenic speaker. But dont, for one moment, forget toclimate change. be glorious. MELANIE COHN, 19, has enrolled in the Ph.D. program in marine sciences at the University Special honors of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Montgomery and the Rev. Ken Daniel, presidentKRISTINA CONFESOR, 20, is participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates at and CEO of United Church Homes who deliveredOld Dominion University with the Department of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.the baccalaureate sermon on May 11, received honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees.KELSEY GROVE, 20, will complete a Machine Learning Intensive course with Google at The Class of 19 also heard speeches from NicoleAgnes Scott College in Atlanta.Frankart, representing graduate students, andHANNAH PETITTI, 20, will complete an internship with the U.S. Senate.Kaylea Bowers, who was selected to represent undergrads. KIERA MALONE, 19, will start work on her Ph.D. in the cellular, molecular and biomedical In all, 17 states and four countries weresciences program at the University of Vermont.represented among the graduating class. ASHLEY MERMOLIA, 20, has an internship with Athletico Physical Therapy in southeastern Wisconsin as a PT aide.RAFFAELA MUELLER, 19, is moving to London in September and will enroll at Kings College in the Genes, Environment and Development in Psychology and Psychiatry Master of Science program.ABIGAIL REED, 19, has been accepted into the Peace Corps. She will be relocating to Cambodia for 27 months of service as a primary and secondary English teacher.KEVIN SCRUDDERS, 19, has enrolled in Purdue Universitys chemistry Ph.D. program with an interest in biological chemistry.AMANDA SUGRUE, 20, will complete an internship, Introduction to Cancer Research, at the National Institutes of Health Urological Cancer Research Branch.Summer 2019|19'