b'CAMPUS PROJECT UPDATESA flurry of activity: Campus projects will enhance5 Sarah Street Reconstruction & Beautificationlearning, living, engaging for studentsNear the end of the spring semester, President Rob HuntingtonThe City of Tiffin continues to reconstruct, renovate and beautify Sarah provided a comprehensive update on the eight current and soon-to-beStreet. This street connects Greenfield Street to Route 18 by the Pit Stop campus construction projects. The genesis of this update stems from(and thus to East Market and East Perry streets) and it separates our a suggestion from senior Hannah Petitti, following a Board of Trusteescampus from our great long-time neighbor, National Machinery, across meeting earlier this year.from France Hall.Almost all of this funding is federal money along with These projects will improve the Heidelberg campus by providing morea small amount of grant funding. Since starting this work in March, a lot and better learning, living and engaging spaces for all students. of visible progress has been made. Car and truck traffic will resume soon. The new sidewalks, streetscaping, landscaping and Heidelberg lamps will 1 The HeidelBean! at Hoernemann Refectory be done in early summer and look great.Our new exciting coffee shop & loft is finished! Everyone can now enter6 France Hall Restoration & Renovationand exit Hoernemann Refectory through this space, visit The HeidelBean!After extended planning and some unanticipated challenges, we expect like a regular coffee shop or simply hang out there. We express hugeto start the restoration and renovation of historic France Hall by mid-appreciation to Parkhurst Dining for funding this entire project. We alsosummer. This project will take 10-12 months to complete. France Hall thank student Jimmy Jacobs for suggesting this awesome name andwill remain closed all next academic year. It will reopen in Fall 2020 with the majority of students who voted for it. In case you have not noticedabout 70 beds, two female faculty apartment annexes, our four female this one, it is the big black building on the street corner with the orangeand one mixed gendered Greek society halls, a womens leadership framed windows . The HeidelBean! office, a restored parlor, a renovated multi-purpose event hall and a Exercise Science Lab in Saurwein Healthfive-story elevator. This transformational project is funded by generous 2 donor gifts and by our approved United States Department of Agriculture & Wellness Center low-interest long-term loan. France Hall will remain historically registered Our new Exercise Science major will have a new Exercise Science Lab onand become more spectacular than ever.the first floor of the Saurwein Health & Wellness Center. It took about four weeks to build most of it. All of the equipment, furniture, and fixings7 New Townhouse Apartments on Main Streetare installed. We express tremendous thanks to Dr. Steven, 75 and Denise Brancheau in Texas for funding this project. This state-of-the-artWe will build new townhouse apartments on Main Street while the France facility will strengthen our Exercise Science program significantly andHall project is underway. There will be 15 contiguous 2 1/2 story, four-attract more students.bedroom apartments built between Krieg Hall and King Hall overlooking Rock Creek. This construction will create 60 new student beds, take 9-12 Philalethean Lobby in Saurwein Healthmonths to complete and be ready for occupancy in Fall 2020. Our USDA low-3 interest long-term loan will fund all of this construction. The design, layout, & Wellness CenterOur new Philalethean Lobby has created a spectacular entrance to theand appearance of these Townhouse Apartments will be fantastic. Saurwein Health & Wellness Center. The fireplace was built in April, andVideo Game Production Lab & eSports Gaming furniture and dcor will complete the project. We express gratitude to8Room in Media Communication Centermembers of The Philalethean Society for funding this project. This lobbyWe will renovate the Media Communication Center to create a state-of-the-is now a wonderful spot to relax and hang outespecially in the winterart Video Game Production Lab to support our new Video Game Production when the gas fireplace is turned on. major. The USDA loan will fund this work too. All of the existing radio, TV, equipment and hallway space in the center of the MCC will be eliminated. 4 Gundlach Theatre Safety Handrails Our stations will be relocated inside the MCC. Our long-time WTTF radio We will install new safety handrails in Gundlach Theatre this summer.partner will relocate to downtown Tiffin. The larger renovated space will These rails will be placed in the center of the two main step ways goingpush out to the windows. It will feature 30 computer stations, group learning down to the stage. We express our thanks to Dr. Ruth Wahlstromareas, large flat screens, other new technology, and guest seating areas. (retired English professor) and Nancy Rubenstein (retired Head Librarian)This space will also be used to launch our new eSports Gaming Club & Team. for making this suggestion and funding it entirely. All of us will appreciateAs part of this important renovation, we will rename the MCC as the Gaming, these rails when attending great plays and other events in our coolE-Sports, and Media Center. It will be exciting and we expect to have the GEM dark theatre. Center ready for students this September!22|Heidelberg University Bulletin'