Music and Theatre Professional Development

School of Music and Theatre Mission Statement

The Heidelberg University School of Music and Theatre serves the student, the Heidelberg campus and the surrounding communities through the offering of courses, degree programs, performance opportunities, professional development, and cultural activities. Aware of the importance of music and theatre as academic disciplines, the School of Music and Theatre provides a broad artistic background, upholding Heidelberg’s liberal arts tradition. The School of Music and Theatre empowers students to pursue music and theatre as an avocation, prepares students for study at the graduate level, and produces and fosters professional artists and teachers.

The SMT embodies its mission with academic degrees at the undergraduate level, and graduate credit and professional development opportunities for professional artists, teachers and our community.

Winter 2022

Heidelberg University is delighted to facilitate Continuing Education Units for the Michael D. Sewell Memorial Foundations' "Saluting America's Band Directors" Rose Parade Project, December 29 through January 1. 

Registration deadline for CEU enrollment is Friday, December 17th at NOON EST.
Due to the holiday break, Heidelberg will begin transcription CEU enrollment on January 3rd.  CEU certificates will be sent to participants throughout the first two weeks of January. 

  • MUS 560A-1:  Participation in the Band Directors Marching Band

Participation in The Band Directors Marching Band includes four days of rehearsals and performances with the finest band directors in the country under the direction of Professor Jon Waters. Participants will do the same sorts of things that they ask of their students at home every day. This “lab” experience will give the directors new techniques and skills that they can immediately put to use in their home band rooms. Directed by Prof. Jon Waters from Heidelberg University

3 CEU for $150 ($50 per CEU)

  • MUS 560A-2:  Hearing Your Band in High Definition

Composer and educator James Swearingen has spent a lifetime helping band directors formulate a successful philosophy on how to make their performances “come to life.” More than just playing notes, he will discuss important considerations as it relates to the  topic of musical interpretation. In addition, a variety of rehearsal strategies will be offered as possible solutions for achieving your desired outcomes.

0.33 CEU for $17 ($50 per CEU)

  • MUS 560A-3:  Creating a Climate of Excellence

This session will detail practices and methods that may be utilized in the classroom to create an energy of high level of personal achievement that may be transferred to all aspects of the school band program. This approach is very comprehensive in nature and examines motivational tools the teacher may use to create excellence in every aspect of the program. Special emphasis is placed on the motivation behind the development of individual skills, which may be applied to marching, concert, jazz, chamber and participation in various honor groups.  Presented by Alfred L. Watkins.

0.33 CEU for $17 ($50 per CEU)

  • MUS 560A-4:  Mariachi in K-12 Education and its Impact on Students

Mariachi programs are flourishing in many regions of the United States, transforming and connecting students with their cultural identity. Mariachi music is an important facet of post-colonial Mexican culture, and with that comes a great sense of pride and validation that provides many students, particularly Mexican Americans, a level of gratification and significance. In this clinic, mariachi educator Ramon Rivera will share their experience introducing mariachi music to their schools and its impact on K-12 students.

0.33 CEU for $17 ($50 per CEU)

CEU enrollment fees will be collected by the Michael D. Sewell. Memorial Foundation.