Non-Traditional Students

Welcome to Heidelberg. We’re glad you’re here. 

Heidelberg is a welcoming and inclusive community. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and arrive there through different paths. Whether you’re a transfer, transient, dual admission, veteran/military, adult, or undergraduate or graduate readmission student, Heidelberg offers programs and resources personalized to your unique needs—so you can take advantage of everything that our campus community has to offer.

Want to come back home?

Undergraduate & Graduate Readmission Students

Students come and go for different reasons. You are always welcome at Heidelberg. A readmission student is a student who previously has attended Heidelberg University but was not enrolled during the most recent previous semester, including: 

  • Undergraduate students who withdrew from and were absent for a single, or multiple semesters... Apply here.
  • Graduate students who were enrolled in any of our graduate programs and reached completion or withdrew... Apply here.