Academic Opportunities

Heidelberg University encourages students to try something new, to learn something different, and to create something unique. All those "somethings" are experiences that prepare you for your life personally and professionally.

At Heidelberg, we’re interested in producing so much more than a college graduate. We foster the next great innovators, thought-leaders, and citizens that make a real and lasting difference in the world. With hands-on experience working with fellow students, faculty members, and researchers, you’ll launch or advance your professional life in ways you never thought possible.

Honors Program

Heidelberg believes that only through challenges can you become stronger. Our Life of the Mind Honors Program is a comprehensive approach to empowering you to explore your abilities and interests within a supportive community of your peers.

GEM Center

You cannot escape the influence of media and technology, no matter what career path you choose. No matter what your major is, Heidelberg’s GEM Center gives you the opportunity to practice and improve writing, editing, speaking skills, and develop leadership abilities by working with peers to produce shows and run productions. It also houses our eSports team and video game production lab. 


Heidelberg's PlusOneAdvantage Free MBA program offers all students the opportunity to add value to their undergraduate education by adding a Master of Business Administration degree. Business skills help all majors stand out and become more marketable in their own career path. Any student who completes a bachelor’s degree (in any major) at Heidelberg in four years with at least a 3.0 GPA will be eligible to stay and earn a MBA tuition-free.


Heidelberg University has an agreement with the United States Army, Air Force, and Space Force for students who wish to take Air Force ROTC and Army ROTC courses for the purpose of earning appointments as commissioned officers.  The courses are held at Bowling Green State University and a maximum of 20 semester hours may be applied toward the Heidelberg University bachelor’s degree.  

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a transformative experience where you learn to navigate the complexities of being a global citizen and deepen your understanding of the world and your place in it. Any student at Heidelberg can study abroad regardless of major. Encounter new cultures, mature as a person, become more self-reliant and self-assured, and add this amazing life experience to your resume.

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