Education Summit

The Education Summit is designed to empower pre-service and in-service teachers with an opportunity to be engaged with leading educators in order to improve their own practices.

The Education Summit is designed to empower students with an opportunity to engage with leading educators. The Summit brings together education leaders from across the country, local teacher leaders, and recent Heidelberg graduates to share their inspirations in education and teaching.

Past Summit themes include:

  • Assessment: Teaching to the Test or Teaching for Learning?
  • Creating a Culture for Learning: What Good Teachers Do
  • What Makes an Effective Teacher?
  • Student Learning in Innovative and Creative Classrooms
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Engaging Students in Learning
  • Voices from the Classroom: How to Enhance Student Learning

 Mission Statement

To engage pre-service and in-service teachers with leading and distinguished educators in the major issues trends and teaching practices within the profession.

Why the Education Summit?

Our purpose in offering the summit is to ask pre-service and in-service teachers to consider their own autonomy within the profession and their classroom teaching practices. It is critical that pre-service teachers recognize that they can shape their own teaching practices within the over tested and regulated teaching profession. The Education Summit aims to sow the seeds for reflective thinking leading to action within their own teaching.

Summit Schedule

The Summit is typically a 2-day event, the first day kicks off with the keynote. On day two, there are opportunities to hear from the keynote speaker in smaller sessions or attend sessions led by faculty, students and other education professionals.

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