Facilities Information

Gundlach Theatre

Home to our theatre department, Gundlach Theatre is our main performance stage for plays, musicals, and campus events. 

Number 3 on our campus map

250-seat capacity. Wheelchair accessible.

Ohl Concert Hall

Located in Brenneman Music Hall, Ohl Concert Hall is our venue for faculty and student recitals, chamber music, band performances, rehearsals, and visiting guest artists. 

Number 26 on our campus map. 

250-seat capacity. Wheelchair accessible. 

Wickham Great Hall

Located in Campus Center, Wickham Great Hall hosts campus events and is available for rent by the general public. 

Number 20 on our campus map

Wheelchair accessible. 

Rickly Chapel

Located on the second floor of University Hall, Rickly Chapel is mainly used for student life events. 

Number 1 on our campus map

625-seat capacity.


Heidelberg has several paved parking lots adjacent to these event facilities. Our visiting parks lots are A, D, F, and G.

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