Housing Timeline

Choose a roommate, or let us choose one for you! On your housing application you will let us know your preferred residence hall and we will do our best to place you in an environment that fits your needs.

Application for student housing is offered online in OASIS. Newly accepted undergraduate students should receive a letter with instructions to complete orientation, housing, and other important details. Once students complete the application, the Office of Residence Life and Housing will assign the student to a room with a roommate. Residence Life and Housing will make every effort to place students with their requested roommate, space permitting. Priority is given to students who complete the application early. All requests are subject to availability. Students should check their Heidelberg e-mail accounts and Housing Self-Service for assignment information.

Spring Applicants


New Student Housing Application Available in Housing Self-Service (in OASIS, sign-in required)


New Students Assigned Housing: All new students with housing applications as of 12/14 will be assigned. Students applying later than 12/14 will be assigned after the new year.

Fall Applicants

Early February

New Student Housing Application Available in Housing Self-Service (in OASIS, sign-in required)

Late June

Priority Deadline for Roommate Requests: Last date students have editing privileges on their applications, so they can add a requested roommate, or make other changes. Students who make roommate requests after this date must contact Residence Life and Housing. Roommate requests received late cannot be assured.

Late June

New Students Assigned Housing: All students with applications in will be assigned housing (Housing Self-Service will be unavailable).


Additional New Students Assigned Housing (based on available space).

Early August

Additional New Students Assigned Housing (based on available space).

Commuting & Living Off Campus

Heidelberg University requires all traditional-aged college students to live on campus. Students may be permitted to live off campus by meeting one of two sets of qualifications, listed below. Please note that students must re-apply to continue their status each year.

Commuter Students

An application for commuter living is required of all students who wish to travel to school from the primary home of a parent or legal guardian. Students who wish to apply for commuter status must re-apply each year and meet both of these requirements:

  1. Reside with their parent(s) (legal guardian)
  2. Reside within a 35 mile radius of Heidelberg University

Off-Campus Status

Off-Campus living is a special privilege granted to a limited number of students. An application/contract for this living arrangement is required of all interested students.

A student may apply for Off-Campus housing if they meet one or more of the following requirements:

  1. Student is 23 years of age or older before August 20th.
  2. Student is married.
  3. Direct care of a legal dependent.
  4. Successful completion of 75 credit hours from Heidelberg University as of January 1 of the prior year and a 2.75 CUM GPA.
  5. Participation in required internship/student teaching, and placement is further than 50 miles from campus.

There will be a cap of 60 on the number of students approved to live off campus; therefore, approval to live off campus cannot be guaranteed, even if a student qualifies. Once a student is approved to live off campus by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, a Landlord Agreement Form must be submitted. Landlord Agreement Forms are due by August 1. Room and board charges will be assessed if all documentation is not complete.

Commuter/Off Campus Spring Applicants

Early October

Commuter/Off Campus Applications Available


Commuter/Off Campus Applications Due

Commuter/Off Campus Fall Applicants

Early February Commuter/Off Campus Applications Available
Late March Commuter/Off Campus Applications Due (Returning Students)
Early August Landlord Agreements Due (Students who have been approved)

Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing if you have any additional questions.

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