Accessibility Services

The mission of the Office of Student Accessibility Services is to provide students with disabilities and other accessibility needs the services and supports they need to achieve equal access in pursuing higher education at Heidelberg University while also serving the wider campus community as a resource in understanding disability, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Housing Accommodations

The Office of Student Accessibility Services works closely closely with Residence Life & Housing to coordinate housing accommodations for students with disabilities, severe environmental allergies, chronic medical conditions, or with other housing-related accessibility needs. If you believe you need housing accommodations, please let the office know right away, as our residence halls fill up quickly.

Academic Accommodations

These accommodations are modifications to a course to remove or at least minimize barriers resulting from a disability that may prevent a student from accessing the educational objectives of a course. They do not guarantee success. They are not meant to be fundamental alterations to a course. Accommodations are always tailored to an individual student and, when necessary, for each course. You will need to meet with our office at least once at the beginning of each semester that you choose to secure accommodations.

Dining Accommodations

Our partnership with Parkhurst Dining provides a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind service in the Clean Plate Station. This provides food free of most major allergens, including gluten, to all patrons in our dining hall. Students may still wish to register with the Office of Student Accessibility Services, if their needs happen to go beyond what is available at the Clean Plate Station. For these students, we collaborate with Parkhurst Dining to coordinate appropriate dining accommodations.


For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services, at or at 419-448-2484.

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