In college you will make new friends, experience new things, and have a ton of fun. You will also work very very hard. Students arrive at Heidelberg with different backgrounds, skill sets, and experience. We created the three semester AIM Hei program to smooth the transition process, no matter what your academic pace or needs.

Our students say the best part of Heidelberg is getting to know and working with professors. Mentoring is crucial in helping you learn about your career field, academic rigor, and yourself. At Heidelberg, you’ll have a faculty mentor the moment you arrive on campus, and over your four years you’ll probably add one or two more. Our faculty love working with students. That’s why they work here. Quality academic mentoring is essential to help you make the most of your college experience. The AIM Hei program helps you start your college experience off stronger and more efficiently. When you start off on the right foot academically, it's easier to enjoy the fun stuff too.

What is AIM Hei?

AIM Hei is a three semester program for all first-time students to help ease the transition to college life. You'll be paired with an AIM Hei mentor to advise, inspire, and mentor you. Mentors are full-time professors from all academic departments. Have a question? Need advice? Brainstormed a bright idea? Can’t remember where to pick up packages? Your mentor is a great resource to help you adjust to college life.

In addition to meeting with you one-on-one, your AIM Hei mentor teaches a one credit hour class where you'll discuss topics like time management, eating healthy, talking to professors, and study tips. Each professor themes their course around a personal interest.

Sample AIM Hei Courses

Blood, Brains, and Bodies

  •  Dr. Nate Beres, chemistry, had students explore aspects of a zombie-filled world including anatomy of zombies, action plans, pscyhology of survivors, and wilderness survival.

Let it Go

  • Dr. Ellen Nagy had students analyze their favorite Disney movie focusing on race and gender stereotypes.

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