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The Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) Program is dedicated to educating, motivating, and preparing highly qualified, ethically, and culturally competent, professional clinical mental health counselors. You'll be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to address client issues in a diverse and global society and tackle emerging issues in mental health and wellness. Graduates of our program can be licensed as professional counselors.

Professional Licensure

This program is designed to meet educational requirements for professional license or certification, which is required for employment in occupations related to this major. Please refer to this list regarding whether Heidelberg's program meets licensure requirements for specific states. 

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Proven Success

We've consistently been rated one of the top counseling programs in the region. Our numbers say why. 

first time rate for the OAE School Counselor exam and the National Counselor Exam
Program completion rate
Job placement rate within one year of graduation

Students will be advised by the Program Director until they are fully admitted. After full admission, students will be assigned to their permanent advisor for their program. A student must take 9 credit hours to be considered full time. Students who are full time can complete the program in approximately 2 calendar years.

Click below for a sample Plan of Study for a Fall start and a list of courses.

Year 1

Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit Hours Summer Credit Hours
COU 502 1 COU 503 3 COU 503 3
COU 504 3 COU 537 3 COU 518 3
COU 505 3 COU 609 3 COU 610 3
COU 532 3     COU 613 1

Year 2

Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit Hours Summer Credit Hours
COU 510 3 COU 512 3 COU 522 3
COU 511 3 COU 535 2 COU 545 2
COU 637 3 COU 611 3 COU 583 3
    COU 580 3 COU 654 1

Year 3

Fall Credit Hours        
COU 583 3        
COU 690 0        

Foundational Courses (Must be taken as first four courses)
COU 502 Introduction to Professional Counseling Identity
COU 503 Human Growth and Development
COU 504 Theories of Counseling
COU 532 Professional Issues in Counseling: Legal and Ethical

Core Courses
COU 505 Techniques of Counseling 
COU 508 Group Processes in Counseling 
COU 510 Assessment and Appraisal 
COU 511 Applied Research and Quantitative Methods
COU 518 Career Planning and Vocational Guidance 
COU 522 Counseling Children and Adolescents
COU 535 Couples, Relationships, and Families
COU 537 Social Foundations in Cross-Cultural Counseling
COU 611 Trauma and Crisis
COU 613 Trauma Intensive & Integrated Treatment Modalities
COU 636 Human Sexuality
COU 637 Substance Use and Abuse

Clinical Courses
COU 512 Clinical Mental Health and Agency Counseling
COU 609 Etiology & Diagnosis of Mental Disorders
COU 610 Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disorders
COU 545 Elective (Variable 1-2 credit hours)

Field Experience
COU 580 Practicum in Clinical Counseling
COU 583 Internship Experience for Clinical Counseling
COU 690 Comprehensive Examination

Semester Hours




Program Snapshot
  •  The MAC program is accredited as a face-to-face program. Many of our classes are in the evening, but we also have several online courses and weekend seminar courses to minimize the number of evenings that students are on campus. 
  • The MAC program uses a variety of technology to support student learning, including but not limited to Canvas, Google suite, Tevera, and a counseling training lab.
  • The MAC program provides many opportunities for students to become involved in national and regional counseling associations. Students are actively engaged in the Sigma Phi Beta chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society International.
  • The MAC program employs a diverse and distinguished faculty is comprised of award winning leaders in the field of counseling who have made significant contributions to the field and are active in the American Counseling and American School Counseling Associations and their affiliates both nationally and regionally.
  • Heidelberg MAC Program was ranked #10 in the Midwest for Affordable Masters Degrees in 2022.
  •  Heidelberg MAC Program ranked #28 in the Midwest for Top 30 Master’s Degrees in Counseling in the Midwest in 2022. 
  • Heidelberg MAC Program ranked #19 in the Best 20 Masters in Mental Health Counseling Programs in 2022. 
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MAC faculty
Meet the Faculty

Working closely with faculty members who have clinical experience and who are focused on helping each student craft a path to reach their individual career goals is a benefit that provides so many advantages. Get to know the faculty within the department.

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