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No matter how well prepared, every student has questions and needs support in college.

Owen Center for Teaching & Learning

The Owen Center for Teaching & Learning provides academic and career support to all students at every stage of their educational path. You'll find academic support through one-on-one tutoring, study groups, and learning strategy workshops. When you’re ready to start thinking about life after college, the Owen Center offers resume and cover letter workshops, internship placements, and can help you with your job search. Learn more about what the Owen Center can do for you.


Faculty Mentoring

When you transition to a department, generally in your sophomore year, you will work with a faculty mentor in your major department. Quality mentoring is essential for you to make the most of your college experience. Heidelberg professors enjoy working with students and provide resources, advice, and networking opportunities for you.

I love getting to work with students throughout their entire Heidelberg career. I can track their development, focus in on each individual's needs, and adjust what I'm doing to best challenge my students. Helping students progress over a semester is great, but helping them progress over four years is amazing. This is a place that will challenge you, encourage you to take risks, and teach you how to adapt to new situations.

Dr. Courtney DeMayo, Associate Professor of History

Beeghly Library

Beeghly Library is filled with resources that will help you access the information you need for any assignment. From books to ebooks and online databases, and the space to work independently or collaboratively, Beeghly Library is a popular spot on campus, especially at the end of a semester, when the pressure is on to complete a project or study for final exams. 

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