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Our record speaks for itself - over the past ten years, Heidelberg graduates have an 84% placement rate into medical schools. Your advisor will make sure you meet all the prerequisites of your desired medical program as well as support you through the med school application process. You'll be challenged and tested, but also encouraged and supported. It's the perfect environment to prepare yourself for the demands of medical school. 


Medical School Fast Track

Through an agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, five spots in medical school are reserved each year for qualified Heidelberg students to directly enroll in the program.

Cadaver Lab

For students interested in medical school, working with cadavers is a huge advantage. Heidelberg's cadaver labs gives you the opportunity to dissect a cadaver as well as practice specialty dissections of knees, the spinal cord, eyeballs, larynxes, and brains. You’ll also have access to disarticulated human skeletons and other helpful study options. 

Allison PerryOutcomes

Allison Perry '16

As a biochemistry and biology double major, Allison took advantage of unique research experiences in Heidelberg’s labs and travel opportunities with the Chem Club to prepare herself to pursue medical school. She's currently enrolled in the University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine.


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