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With hands-on experience working with fellow students, faculty members, and researchers, you’ll launch or advance your professional life in ways you never thought possible.

Research is a critical component of a college education that improves your critical thinking, writing, and professional skills. That’s why it’s part of the Heidelberg experience. You’ll work one-on-one with professors who help you through the steps of conducting research, analyzing results, writing papers, and getting it all published.

The Heidelberg community supports and celebrates research in several ways including our annual Student Research Conference, senior honors projects, and unique research opportunities such as our cadaver lab, animal lab, and the National Center for Water Quality Research.

Student Research Conference

Every spring, the Heidelberg community takes a day off from classes to celebrate and support student research. At the Minds At Work Student Research Conference, students present research projects they completed during the year by working with a faculty mentor.

It’s a great day for you not only to see research in your field, but to support your friends and learn about research outside your own academic area. The conference provides you with professional presentation experience and increases interest and awareness of research opportunities.

Faculty Research Symposium

Watch your professors in action at the annual Faculty Research Symposium. While a Heidelberg professor’s first love is teaching, they also continue to conduct research and pursue academic distinction in their field. The symposium is a showcase of faculty scholarship and research and provides you with an opportunity to learn about your field, experience a conference atmosphere, and watch experts discuss their passion.

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