Payment Options

The Tuition Payment Plan is sent to each student as part of their financial aid award packet. This form is individualized for each student showing their direct charges and financial aid. Direct charges include tuition, fees, room and board, if applicable. Books, supplies, and insurance are not included in the direct costs but are additional expenses that must be considered in the full year expenses.

The Tuition Payment Plan is used to communicate the total payment due for the year and allows the student and family to indicate how they will make that payment. The student’s total offered aid is subtracted from the direct charges to calculate the amount the student will have to pay for the year. Payment options are listed and students should indicate if they are making cash payments, borrowing, or a combination.

The payment options available are:

Cash payments. Heidelberg offers in-house administered payment plans to cover direct costs. The first payment is due August 1st. No interest is charged for the quarterly or monthly plans as long as timely payments are made.

  1. One payment can be made for both semesters.

  2. Two payments allows full payment on a semester basis.

  3. Quarterly plan divides payment into two each semester. Payments are due August 1, October 1, January 1, and March 1. There is a one-time $45 contract fee.

  4. Monthly plan divides payment over a 10 month period. Payments are due the first of each month beginning August 1 through May 1. There is a one-time $45 contract fee.

Cash payments can be made on-line through our TouchNet On-line Payment System, available on OASIS. The following payment methods are acceptable:

  • ACH (electronic check) debit from checking or savings account

  • Credit cards-2.85% convenience fee will be added for any payments made. Credit card payments will not be accepted over the phone or in person.

  • Pay in-person at the Business Office or by mailing a check to the following address:
    Heidelberg University
    Business Office
    310 E Market St.
    Tiffin, OH 44883

  • Bank paying system using OASIS ID as account number

Loan Options include loans for parents as well as private loans for students with a co-signer.

Parent Loan. The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is designed for parents of dependent students. The parent must be a biological or adoptive parent with no adverse credit history. Both student and parent must be U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens. The interest rate is fixed with a cap of 7.6%. Parents may borrow up to the difference between the cost of education minus the student’s financial aid. This amount is indicated on the student’s Tuition Payment Plan. Apply or learn more about the PLUS loan.

Private Student and Parent Loans. Private loans are offered by private lenders with either the parent or the student as the borrower. For students, a credit-worthy co-signer is necessary in most cases. Eligibility is based on the credit score of the co-signer and /or borrower. Borrowers can borrow from a lender of choice. The following lenders offer a private loan product: Citizens, Discover, PNC, Sallie Mae, and Wells Fargo. To learn more about private education loans with detailed listings of interest rates, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options, go to Private Student Alternative Loan Information and Application.

Loan funds are received by the University directly from the loan processor and applied to the student account. Disbursement dates are typically the week before classes begin.

A 1% interest charge is assessed to all unpaid balances that are not on a payment plan.

Student Account Refunds occur when a student has a credit balance on their account. This typically occurs when a parent borrows a PLUS loan or a student borrows a private loan in excess of the direct costs. Refunds are processed in the Business Office by emailing Refunds are directly deposited into your bank account that is established on the TouchNet Online Payment system.

Questions about financial aid and loan options should be made to the Financial Aid Office at or 1-800-434-3352 or direct at 1-419-448-2293.

Questions about charges, and making cash payments should be directed to the Business Office at or 1-800-925-9250 or directly at 1-419-448-2000.

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