National Center for Water Quality Research

Research is a critical component of any science degree, and having exposure to professional labs and research gives you a distinct advantage moving forward in your career. At Heidelberg, you don’t have to look far to meet experience professional researchers or use cutting-edge equipment. The National Center for Water Quality Research is right across the hall.

About the Lab

Commissioned by the United States Congress, the NCWQR supports the sustainable use of soil and water resources and helps protect human health and the ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems through research, monitoring, education, and outreach.

The team performs research such as chemical analysis of freshwater samples, biological assessment of aquatic communities, and watershed modeling throughout the Great Lakes region. The NCWQR has been at the forefront of the algae crisis in the northwest Ohio area. 

Unique Research Opportunities for Students

Located in Heidelberg’s Gillmor Science Hall, the NCWQR is a unique and exciting feature of our campus. As a student, you have access to a world-class lab and can work side by side with professional scientists. The lab offers Heidelberg students unique internship and research opportunities in biology, chemistry, water resources, and geology.

For the Community

The National Center for Water Quality Research offers resources for the community including water testing and tributary data. Information about their algae research can be found at More information about their research, resources, and funding can be found on their website. 

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