Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

The Heidelberg Four-Year Graduation Guarantee is our promise to help you graduate on time so you can begin pursuing your personal and professional goals. There’s not much to it. Sign up, stay on track, and graduate in four years. Guaranteed.

Our Guarantee

Heidelberg is committed to helping all students graduate in four years. Our guarantee simply takes that commitment to the next level, offering you easy-to-follow steps to stay on track. And if something happens, we’ll cover the costs for you.

If you meet all the conditions of the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee, but are unable to graduate in four years, Heidelberg will allow you to take the courses you need to graduate tuition-free and offer you free room and board on campus.

What We’ll Do

  • Assign you an academic advisor in the Owen Center for Teaching & Learning and later to a faculty advisor in the department of your major. This gives you individualized advising to guide your progress toward on-time graduation.
  • Inform you about University curricular, co-curricular, and major requirements, and any changes to those requirements in a timely manner.
  • Provide the necessary course sequencing and scheduling for you to fulfill all degree requirements within four years.

What You’ll Do

  • Commit to the Heidelberg Four-Year Graduation Guarantee during the first month of your fall semester.
  • Declare a major by the end of your sophomore year. You can declare additional majors and minors, but the guarantee does not apply to requirements beyond one academic major. *Some majors require you to begin coursework in your first two semesters.
  • Meet with your academic advisor prior to each registration week to help select courses that meet all your major requirements.
  • Maintain the required University grade point average and earn sufficient grades to enroll in the next level of required courses so you do not lose time by repeating courses.
  • Review your academic progress through DegreeWorks at the start of each semester.
  • Comply with and respond to all University communication regarding your academic and degree progress.


Why is Heidelberg offering this program?

Your education is one of the most significant investments you’ll make. We believe the Heidelberg Four-Year Gradation Guarantee gives you and your family peace of mind by providing a clear path to a four-year degree, and by promising to remove the financial burden for those whose path gets a little bumpy.

The majority of our students will not have to use this guarantee. It’s in place for the unexpected and unforeseen obstacles that might occur. Sometimes things happen. If you’ve made all the right decisions and worked hard, we want you to complete your degree at Heidelberg - at no extra cost.

How does the Guarantee work?

If you meet all outlined responsibilities, but don’t meet the requirements to graduate in four years, Heidelberg University will cover the tuition cost of your remaining coursework as well as on-campus room and board.

Who is eligible?

First-time, degree-seeking students.

Is the Guarantee optional?

Yes, but it’s worth considering. It would give you peace of mind and that extra insurance.

When do I have to declare a major if I am participating in the Guarantee?

By the end of your second year. Some majors require you to begin major-specific coursework in the first two semesters, so it’s important to communicate often with your advisor about your interests.

Does the Guarantee cover double majors and minors?

No. Although the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee only applies to a single major, many Heidelberg students complete double majors and minors in four years. You and your academic advisor will work together to ensure that you are completing all graduation requirements.

Can I still graduate in four years if I change my major? 

Yes. It’s common for students to change their major once, if not more than once, and still graduate within four years. You will work with your academic advisor to create an appropriate plan for your new major.

Can I graduate in four years if I study off-campus?

Yes. Many Heidelberg students study abroad or take advantage of other off-campus partnerships. Your academic advisor will work with you to make sure your credits transfer back and fit into your four-year plan.

Are any programs excluded from the Heidelberg Four-Year Graduation Guarantee?

Yes. Joint programs with other institutions are excluded.

Can I graduate in four years if I don’t sign up for the Guarantee?

Of course. Regardless if you sign up for the guarantee or not, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor and experience the personal attention and supportive atmosphere Heidelberg is known for. Heidelberg will ensure the necessary course sequencing and scheduling to fulfill all qualifying majors within four years.

What if I don’t meet the requirements?

That’s okay. There is no penalty if you opt out of the guarantee. Your advisor will continue to work with you as you complete your degree requirements.

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