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About the Data Analytics Major

The interdisciplinary Data Analytics major within the Computer Science Department provides the ability to wrangle, interpret and visualize data that is essential in the modern world. All areas of commerce, education, government, the sciences and even the nonprofit sector are increasingly data-driven. In this major, you’ll complete a combination of coursework to develop marketable skills in data management; data research, analysis and visualization; data mining; and machine learning. As a data analytics graduate, you will have a solid foundation in fundamental concepts and techniques and will be able to apply these skills to communicate meaningful results to your organization. You will also be well prepared for further study in this growing field.


Below are the course requirements for the Data Analytics Major:

  • CPS 201 Computational Problem Solving
  • MTH 119 Statistics I
  • CRM 151 Introduction to Criminal Justice or PSY 101 General Psychology
  • BUS 201 Business Communication Tools
  • BUS 270 Business Analytics Tools
  • BSC 201 Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • SOC 310 Intermediate Data Science I
  • DAT 305 How to Think Like a Data Scientist
  • DAT 310 Data Management and Visualization
  • DAT 311 Big Data and Analytics
  • DAT 411 Capstone in Data Analytics

Plus 1-3 semester hours from one or more:

  • DAT 369 Practicum
  • DAT 370 Internship

Plus one additional from:

  • CPS 202 Intermediate Computer Programming
  • MKT 200 Marketing
  • DAT 410 Independent Study

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the Admission Office at admission [at] or 419-448-2330.

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Heidelberg computer science majors have found employment in a variety of fields have worked for companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. The education you'll receive will prepare you for jobs such as mobile application developer, e-commerce developer, application engineer, quality assurance director, director of information technology, and IT specialist.

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Advanced Computer Labs

You’ll have access to an advanced computing lab for your coursework, labs, and independent study. You’ll have access to modern hardware, software, and networking tools including specialized multimedia workstations, individualized virtual machines, geographic information systems, robotics equipment, and rack-mounted wireless network equipment.

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