1-2-1 Nursing Pathway

Earn affordable nursing degrees from two recognized institutions – Heidelberg University and Terra State Community College. The 1-2-1 Consortial Pathway creates a seamless transition between Heidelberg University and Terra State Community College. The program prepares students for registered nurse licensure in three years with the fourth year of post-licensure baccalaureate nursing courses to be completed online.

Flexible and Affordable

The asynchronous online format provides flexibility for working nurses and/or individuals with families.  Students may also participate on athletic teams and in student activities as part of two engaging college communities for years 2 and 3. This pathway extends flexibility by allowing students to live on either the Heidelberg or Terra State Community College campus while attending classes at Terra.  The 1-2-1 pathway is affordable because of financial aid when completing Heidelberg pre-nursing courses, state tuition rates while attending courses at Terra, and reduced tuition rates for post-licensure nursing coursework.    

Program Overview

Year One: Pre-Nursing

You will spend your first year at Heidelberg where you will take pre-professional general education and rigorous science courses. (Prospective transfer students must complete at least one semester of full-time coursework at Heidelberg University to be eligible for the 1-2-1 Nursing program.)   After successfully completing at least one full semester of coursework at Heidelberg, you will petition for admission to the nursing program at Terra.

Years Two & Three: Pre-Licensure

As a Terra student, you will participate in courses related to nursing along with a few necessary baccalaureate degree courses and electives.  Upon successful completion of the nursing program, you will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) from Terra State Community College.  

Year Four: Post-Licensure

Upon successful completion of the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX), the fourth year consists of nursing courses geared to becoming a nurse leader in the global context of the nursing profession and builds upon the nursing education received in the Terra State curriculum. Students deemed eligible by their pre-licensure nursing program to sit for the NCLEX may complete up to two 400-level nursing courses at Heidelberg prior to licensure. This final year through Heidelberg is completely online. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) from Heidelberg University. 

Nursing Course Information

Heidelberg University

During your first year, your course work will focus on pre-professional courses and pre-nursing topics such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, medical terminology, and interpersonal communications.  You will work hands-on in small classes that focus on the individual success of each student. These courses will provide a foundation for the rigorous curriculum of pre-licensure nursing education.

Terra State Community College

At Terra, your nursing courses will focus on the fundamentals of nursing and preparation as a contributing member of the healthcare team.  Hands-on simulation laboratory and real-life clinical experiences will prepare you for caring for a broad array of patients. The AAS pre-licensure program prepares students for a career in nursing and successful completion of the NCLEX licensing exam.

1-2-1 Consortial Curriculum

Pre-Nursing Courses (at HU) – Year 1

Semester A

•  BIO 121 – Intro to Human Anat. & Phys. I
•  CHM 106 – Allied Health Chemistry I
•  WRI 101 – College Writing II
•  MTH 119 – Statistics
•  HEI 101 – AIM Hei I
•  HSC 150 - Medical Terminology      

Semester B

•  BIO 122 – Intro to Human Anat. & Phys. II
•   CHM 107 – Allied Health Chemistry II
•  COM 245 – Interpersonal Communication
•  PHI 216 or 217 – Ethics or Bioethics
•  PSY 101 – General Psychology
•  HEI 102 – Aim Hei II

Pre-Licensure Courses (at TSCC) – Years 2 & 3

Terra State accepts enrollment Fall and Spring semesters. 

Semester 1

•  NUR 1150 - Clinical Judgement in Nursing
•  NUR 1160 - Foundations in Nursing
•  NUR 1163 - Foundations in Nursing Clinical
•  NUR 1165 - Foundations in Nursing Lab
•  BIO 1720 - Microbiology
•  BIO 1725 – Microbiology Lab   

Semester 2

•  NUR 1170 - Adult Health Nursing I 
•  NUR 1173 - Adult Health Nursing I Clinical 
•  NUR 1175 - Adult Health Nursing I Lab 
•  NUR 1180 - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 
•  NUR 1183 - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Clinical
•  PSY 1360 – Life Span Psychology
•  Humanities/Fine Arts

Semester 3

•  NUR 2100 - Maternal Newborn Nursing
•  NUR 2103 - Maternal Newborn Nursing Clinical
•  NUR 2200 - Nursing Care of Children
•  NUR 2205 - Nursing Care of Children Lab
•  NUR 2300 - Adult Health Nursing II
•  NUR 2303 - Adult Health Nursing II Clinical 
•  Humanities/Fine Arts
•  Foreign Language I or Elective

Semester 4

•  NUR 2400 - Adult Health Nursing III
•  NUR 2403 - Adult Health Nursing III Clinical
•  NUR 2500 - Nursing Care of Complex Patients
•  NUR 2505 - Nursing Care of Complex Patients Lab
•  Humanities/Fine Arts
•  Foreign Language II or Elective

Post-Licensure Courses (online - HU faculty) – Year 4

Heidelberg accepts enrollment Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. ​These nursing courses are taught in 7.5 week intensive sessions per semester; students enroll in 2 courses per session.

Semester C

•  NRS 400 – Theoretical Foundation of Nursing
•  NRS 410 – Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing
•  NRS 420 – Healthcare Technology & Informatics
•  NRS 430 – Research & Evidence Applications (Capstone)
•  Elective if needed

Semester D

•  NRS 440 – Communication, Population, & Global Health*
•  NRS 450 – Interprofessional Roles in Global Health
•  NRS 460 – Health Policy & Advocacy
•  NRS 470 – Leading & Managing Healthcare Teams*

Elective if needed

* = involves a clinical component

Student Opportunities

As a member of two campus communities, you will have the opportunity to participate in campus activities and student services, as well as access resources from both schools of higher education. You can even live in Heidelberg residence halls while completing courses at Terra. You can join Heidelberg college student organizations as well as professional nursing organizations such as:

  • State Nurses Association
  • National Student Nurse Association
  • Program Advisory Council